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On Tuesday, November 12, 2019 I wrote...
Build & Demolition
A group exercise

Participants are assigned a color
When your color appears on screen, BUILD

You must build just by adding
(No editing, no subtracting…)

When your color screen time is over, stop what you’re doing
The following player will pick up where you left off

Every once in a while, the screen will show a pulsing sphere
When that happens, DESTROY
(No adding, no making…)

On Tuesday, November 5, 2019 I wrote...

!!!WIP Screensaver!!!

On Monday, November 4, 2019 I wrote...
Building blocks...
To make, to create, to write down a to-do list, to do things over time and see the accumulation effect.
The screen wall gets built brick by brick, second by second.

Once the screen is full of bricks, the wall jumps down and the building re-starts with new bricks, in different colors.

Possible scores
Make a to-do list for today

Before exiting screensaver... BrEaKkK

Other sketches

On Sunday, November 3, 2019 I wrote...
Thinking of screensaver ideas...

The bauhaus screensaver (but just kidding)
Like "DVD logo" but with blue circle, red square and yellow triangle, the shape changes every time it hits the corner

Black to white/white to black very slow, from left to right or top to bottom
Like a camera shutter?

Maybe the corners "come in" very slow

A grocery list screensaver
(Compiled from the web?)
You can set your parameters w allergens, meat/no meat, vegan, GF…
Maybe called “Let’s Get Groceries”

The computer as a face
One eye that blinks and looks around

A bunch of red dots show up on the screen, more and more with time

Unrelated (I think) Power Rangers communicators

Pulsating from the center
Get’s bigger and bigger until it “explodes”

Different kinds of screen static
Like a TV, static then color bars then static then color bars…

A face, like a stick figure
Changes expressions every once in a while

On Sunday, October 27, 2019 I wrote...
A painting/A Poem
Never turns itself off
Regulates the room

Poems to look at
Poems to memorize

Muller’s number 7
7.2 seconds to read

Relaxation, Repetition

A screensaver that is different every week or just on Tuesdays
A poem that rewrites words, makes anagrams
A screensaver that does that

A poem that is a TV set

A screensaver that is always a different code/different number combination/different color…?

A timer, a clock
Something that is moving slowly